resume coach

Full Payment is due prior to resume consultation. Prices vary depending on professional level and career history.






Student & Entry Level-$200.00
• 0-2 years experience: In the early part of your career, it is important to focus on the quality of skills rather than the number of years in the workforce. Your resume should clearly demonstrate that you have skills, abilities and the motivation to assume new responsibilities. Leadership skills is also a key factor in employment. Our resume writer will create an individualized and impressive resume that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Professional and Mid-Career 2+ years-$300.00-$350.00
• If you are ready to take your career to the next level, you need to present a high-impact resume that demonstrates your contributions to the company using strong accomplishment-oriented language. A “cookie cutter” resume will not do. Our resume writer is an expert on industry terminology and key-words that will help you portray your wealth of experience and specific knowledge in order to meet new challenges.

Executive-level-Managerial skills-$500.00-$550.00
• You’ve managed a team, a business or department. The focus of your resume are your leadership skills and ability to see the bottom-line. Profitability, productivity and continued business growth are key areas in which to focus on. You need to demonstrate that you are a visionary with innovative ideas, can strategize and problem-solve. Our resume writer will show that you consistently seize opportunities and deliver compelling and valuable results.

LinkedIn Profile: $350.00
• LinkedIn is definitely the most important and largest social media network for professionals. LinkedIn is all about establishing connections. When you connect with other professionals in your field, you’re gaining more knowledge and insight since you’re interacting with colleagues. You’re connections on LinkedIn can help accelerate your career. Unlike a resume, a LinkedIn profile reflects more about you as a person; it tells your story. Our resume writer will design a LinkedIn profile that is unique and will capture the readers’ attention.

Cover Letter: $50.00/hour
• A resume without a cover letter is like a dance without dancers. The two must go hand in hand. A business document that introduces the resume in a captivating way is an important step in your job search.

ASCII-Text Version-$30.00
• Some companies cannot open attachments or for technical reasons, the resume format will change when sending a beautifully formatted resume to a site online. It is important to have a text version which can be easily accessible and readable by the employer.

Career Advice-$50.00/hr
• Many individuals must change careers due to lay-offs and/or lack of company hiring. It is beneficial to always have a career goal and vision for the future. Using her wealth of experience in the career field, extensive research and knowledge of career-related resources, our resume writer can discuss career options and develop a realistic plan in order to achieve your career goals.


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