LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, where users create profiles highlighting current and prior work experience where employers can search for qualified candidates. You can upload resumes, connect with professionals, and build a network that can help you advance in your career. By connecting with other users in your line of work, you connect with people who are relevant to your career both now and in the future.

The LinkedIn profile page, which contains your summary, is the foundation of your career branding. It is where you give an overview of your professional life, and hope to engage an employer by telling your unique career narrative in a way that your resume does not.

“Debra is a gifted resume writer who distills high volume detailed information into an easily digested, highly readable format. Her resumes are on target and very attractive, successfully giving harried employers the candidate at a glance.”

DEBORAH WEKSBERG, Career Counselor, Jewish Community Services

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